Knuckle Info/Exchange

Heat Maker

Knuckle Info/Exchange

Core Exchange Details
Cores must be in OEM condition (not modified), free of major damage and must match the knuckles ordered (s14 for s14, s13 for s13 unless otherwise discussed)


Start with removing any extraneous parts from your knuckle cores (dust shields, hubs, bearings, sensors etc.)


We will not ship your new knuckles until we receive your core parts. If you're in a rush and have confirmed we have knuckles in stock via DM or email, we may allow you to pay a core fee and we will refund it once your parts arrive. Cores must be returned within 30 days of your new knuckle delivery.


USPS flat rate is usually the cheapest option. S-chassis knuckles can fit in a medium flat rate box for $16. Stock knuckles don’t need to be overly packed, just take up extra room in the box so they don’t fly around and tear the box open. A little extra tape is never a bad idea.


Ship to:
Heat Maker

2905 Dyer Ave.
Sebastopol, CA 95472


Please note in or on the box somewhere so we know who the knuckles are from.


Turnaround Time
Please keep in mind we are a small operation. The turnaround is sometimes much quicker or a little slower depending on what's in stock and what else we have going on at the time. If you need parts in a hurry, contact us and we’ll try our best to accommodate you. We drift too so we know how it goes! Thanks for your patience and understanding.



Approximate Wait Time:


B-Knuckle & Hotside IS/JZX/JZS

2-3 weeks


Hotside R-chassis/AE86

3-4 weeks


Hotside ULTRA LOW for S-chassis

4-6 weeks

How much angle will I get with your knuckles?

We try to focus more on the steering feel and how fun it is to drive, rather than get hung up on the numbers. Check out our Instagram for pics and vids of our parts being used.


Can you extend my control arms?

We don't offer control arm modification these days, at least on S-chassis since it isn't needed. We may offer this service for other chassis in the future.


Do I need to relocate my steering rack?

The short answer is no. It isn't needed but it can allow a bit more angle without the tie rods going over center. However, the ackerman ratio will change, which can affect the steering feel at shallower angles. We don't move our racks but some people do. At the end of the day, it comes down to preference and driving style. What works best for us may not be best for you.


Do you offer knuckles for any other chassis?

What you see on the site is what we offer currently. We have plans to develop more in the future but extensive testing is important. Keep a lookout on our IG for future products.

Thanks for reading!

**Shoot us a DM on IG @heat_maker for more info**